Ladyvest - Confecções Lda
Apparel manufacturing for Lady
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Planning & Procurement
Using data-processing, we do supply based on very approximate consumption ratio of real to avoid waste of raw materials. We plan the production in the respective phases with productive and competitive efficiency gains, being possibel a better comply with the deadlines agreed.
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Cutting & Sewing
We are equipped with technology that optimizes consumption through efficient cutting plans, ensuring better quality of the finished product and stricter measures in accordance with the customer tables. We make following the best practices of quality and comfort, using machinery and raw materials recommended by the entities that regulate the sector.
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The garments are inspected in detail, inside and outside, and checked for any defects before entry into the steam line to complete the last production stage.
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Quality & Packaging Control
All garments and components are subject to quality control at various stages during the construction process. Before the packaging is made final inspection according to the degree or level of requirement of each client and then packaged and shipped.
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Social Values
With a deep sense by social values, Ladyvest have as standard the consideration and respect for its employees, observing their rights, providing you good conditions of harmony in the workplace and worthy social facilities.
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